May 9th Release Notes

What's New:

  • Contract addresses have been added to Token Lists / NFT Lists. Clicking on these addresses will also open up a new tab, directing you to their block explorer page.

What's Improved:

  • Improved management of lending desk liquidity
    • If user tries to withdraw greater than their desk amount, a human-readable "InsufficientLendingDeskBalance" error is now thrown
    • Withdrawing and depositing of funds is now disabled if amount requested is less than or equal to 0
    • Approving token allowances is now disabled if amount is less than or equal to 0
  •  Improve create lending desk form
    • Bug has been fixed where collections could not be added, removed, and then re-added.
    • Minimum values are now properly enforced, with an error being thrown if amount, duration, or interest are less than or equal to 0
    • Fixed "paramaters" typo
  • Fixed issue with "Resolve Loan" modal incorrectly closing on. Post-transaction behavior (modals closing, data refreshing) will be tackled and greatly improved in a future update.