May 16th Release Notes

What's New:

  • The "Quick Loan" page has been revamped! This page is now much more in-line with swap interfaces that users are familiar with. Additionally, these changes have made the "Quick Loan" much more accessible across different screen sizes.

What's Improved:

  • Borrower and Lender Dashboard
    • Implemented a "Pending Default" category to the borrower dashboard to track loans that are awaiting lender default
    • Fixed issue where liquidating loans resulted in the "function not available" error
    • Fixed issue where "transaction failed" error toast was being displayed without any action taken by the user
    • Fixed issue where loans were listed in the wrong category
  • Request Loan Flow
    • Updated our filtering criteria. Illiquid desks, with balances of 0, are now filtered out from both the "Quick Loan" and the "Browse Collection" pages.
    • Improved our error handling for lending desk. The user now receives a clear error if they try to request more than the lending desk's balances
    • Updated UI, with the request loan pop-up now displays the desk's balance
  • Improved transaction loading. Loading indicators will now persist until a transaction is settled. This provides a clear indication to users that their action is still processing. This also prevents users from duplicating transactions while their original one is still processing.